March 19, 2024
UK Bar Council pays a courtesy call to NCIA
March 20, 2024
NCIA management pays a Courtesy Call to the Solicitor General of Kenya.

The management team of the Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration paid a courtesy visit to the office of the Solicitor General of Kenya, Hon. Shadrack Mose. The team was led by the Registrar and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Muiruri Ngugi. The meeting was an insightful exchange of ideas and aspirations, covering various key areas. During the meeting discussions were held regarding the Centre’s implementation of its 2022-2027 strategic plan including key milestones of activity implementation, partnerships, and resource mobilization to fund Center activities. While making his remarks, the Solicitor General emphasized the need to apply innovative ways while implementing the Centre’s activities.

He noted that this will ensure the Centre remains competitive both regionally and internationally, which will lead to the adoption of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in resolving commercial disputes among key target markets. He further noted that the application of innovative ways to service delivery including the use of technology is a sure way of deepening the Centre’s services and attracting referrals from other jurisdictions. Mr. Mose expressed his unwavering commitment and support for the Centre’s initiatives to ensure the timely and efficient execution of its mandate. During the meeting, the Registrar on behalf of the team presented the Solicitor General with a copy of the Centre’s Strategic Plan which outlines the future direction, goals, and objectives of the institution.

In addition, the team shared a copy of the Centre’s Journal, a platform that the Centre continues to use to showcase its research and thought leadership position. The meeting provided an opportunity to exchange views and strategies for advancing the Centre’s prominence within the regional and international arbitration arena. The engagement highlighted the dedication and collaborative spirit, with a shared focus on enhancing the Centre’s reputation and expanding its reach. The Centre remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence and continuous growth. Through ongoing efforts to foster partnerships, improve on its current resources, and implement innovative practices, the Centre is poised to play a pivotal role in promoting ADR in Kenya and beyond. We extend our gratitude to Hon. Shadrack Mose, the Solicitor General of Kenya, for his invaluable support and encouragement in furthering the Centre’s objectives. His commitment to the advancement of international arbitration will undoubtedly contribute to the success and recognition of the Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration.