Why should I select the NCIA Rules for arbitrating a dispute?


NCIA is an independent and neutral arbitral institution established by statute governed by a professional Board of Directors supported by a Centre secretariat. NCIA Arbitration Rules offer a predictable procedure for the conduct of arbitration at favourable terms of costs and fees compared to other arbitral institutions.

Nairobi as a seat of arbitration is supported by a unique Constitution which recognizes alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and a judiciary that encourages use of ADR mechanisms. Kenya adopted the UNCITRAL Model law with the Arbitration Act modeled on the law. Kenya is also signatory to the Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Awards. This means you can have your award recognized and enforced in a country other than Kenya.

If you choose Nairobi as the geographical place of arbitration you choose a regional air transport hub with connectivity across the Continent to the rest of the world, world class hospitality, banking and communication services and more. Nairobi also enjoys exceptional weather all year round.

The competent staff at NCIA secretariat is at hand to offer administrative support and advice on request.